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Dirt Drags - V8 Motorcycle Dirt & Sand Dragger by Hossstyle

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Hoss started fabrication for his V8 dirt dragger only one week before the 2010 Bankstown Motorcycle Show, with a view to eventually enter it in dirt drags around Australia.

After a meeting with Stork (Jamie), who had been running his own 308 drag bike for a few meetings, Hoss' vision became much clearer for his dirt dragger.

He took a partly completed frame (still welded to the bench) to BBS and had some good feedback.

Two to three weeks after the Bankstown Bike Show, Hoss flew over to Bindoon in WA for the Coffin Cheaters MC drags. Some amazing bikes - 800-900 hp, 2 and 3 speed gear boxes, power standing between gears at 140mph.

Hoss took lots of photos and videos and got more of an idea of how to go about building a bike and have it perform.

Four weeks later the bike was finished, though it still had a car clutch in it. You have to keep in mind that Hoss runs his own successful business and could only work on the bike in the evenings.

The next trip was a drive to Pennola in South Australia for the "Bad Penny" run. Unfortunately, Hoss' bike didn't have enough free play and burned out 3 clutch plates. After returning to Sydney, a Crower clutch was ordered from the United States, and the team hasn't looked back since!

On the 17 and 18th July 2010 the North Queensland Dirt Drags were held at the Sarina Showgrounds. It was a 4200klm round trip over 6 days - but immensely enjoyable.

Jimmy from the Coffin Cheaters MC came first, Steve (a Mackay local with a Gen 3 500bhp bike) came 2nd. Stork and Hoss managed a very respectable equal third!!

The next run is at Millicent SA (approx. 60 Klms from Mt Gambier) on the October Long Weekend 2-3 October 2010, followed by Ponde in February 2011.

Dirt Drags event planned for NSW

The inaugural NSW Dirt-Sand Drag event - the first of its kind to be held in New South Wales - will be held on  date to be advised..

For enquiries, please call Hoss on 0428 415 819 or email hossstylecycles@bigpond.com.

He is able to supply you with Hossstyle frames, hubs, tyres, rims, motors, clutches, chains and laser cut sprockets and build tips, as well as up and coming events information and test 'n' tune days.

Hossstyle Sand Drag Bike Number 1


  • 590 BHP
  • Top speed on 200 metre track exceeds 100mph
  • Frame by Hossstyle
  • Motor is a 350 Chev kinetic cam, dart heads, 700 holley 440 hp
  • Single speed gear box
  • NOS 150hp dual fuel pump, duel fuel lines
  • Throttle 1/4 turns 7/8
  • Primary drive 3/4 dualplex 19-19
  • Jack shaft 1 1/2
  • Clutch Crower (tractor pull, swamp racing) 8 inch 3 disc centrifugal
  • Short shaft 1 5/8 10 spline
  • Drive sprocket 14 rear 90 tooth
  • Chain 3/4 super heavy duty combine harvester chain
  • Rear hub by Hossstyle
  • Rear tyre PadTrak 1650 15 inch x 16 inch, 30 inch 18 paddle No2
  • Rear rim double locker (Max Dumsley Hoosier)
  • Front end is a chook chaser twin disc, with Harley rear progressive spring over shocks
  • Brakes are Jap front and rear
  • Body work is single skin 2mm alloy by Hossstyle

Categories of bikes running at the typical Sand Drags event

  • Pee Wee's
  • Junior Moto X
  • Junior Moto X 125
  • Junior Moto X 250
  • Junior Moto X Quads
  • Moto X 125
  • Moto X 250
  • Moto 450
  • Moto X Open
  • Quads
  • Street Bikes
  • Street Bikes Modified
  • British
  • British Modified
  • Sportster
  • Sportster Modified
  • Harley Street
  • Harley Modified
  • Harley Super Modified
  • Unlimited V8 Motorcycle

Sand Drags DVD Available

The first Hossstyle bike to be built was our V8 burnout bike, purpose built for the 2009 Bankstown Bike Show. We also took this bike to Sarina QLD for burnout fun, where the presenter of Blokesworld did a burnout on it.

The Sarina Dirtdrags will be featured in a Blokesworld Marathon on Saturday September 4,Channel 183, from 9am to 12.

We have some DVDs of the drags, and for a paltry $20 bucks you can have your own copy. Call Hoss on 0428 415 819.

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